Dining 8 Tips in Cebu City


For the past decade, Cebu City was different in a lot of ways including eating habits of the people and socialization. People used to shy away from luxury-looking restaurants especially those that serve international cuisines. Overtime the culture has changed yet preserving the laidback attitude. With huge number of foreign visitors, people become more open minded and adventurous in trying ...

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6 IMPORTANT THINGS in opening a restaurant


Living in the second largest city that closely competes with Manila, the capital of the Philippines, Cebu City maybe the best place to start a restaurant business yet very challenging. Although with the total population of almost a million, the local people are just starting to embrace in dining out and pay hefty amount for casual dinner. Economically, the city ...

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My favorite 8 Restaurants in Cebu City


1. Blu Bar & Grill Fine dining at the penthouse of Marco Polo Hotel. Looking for a perfect restaurant to get that sweet ‘Yes’ from your date? Try this place. It is overlooking the city with top class service. Not only one of the best in the city but also in the Philippines. Perfect time to go from dusk until ...

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8 Food Districts in Cebu City


Normal people find their food either in the kitchen or at the mall. The problem is not a lot of people can cook – yet even though there are big malls around the city, still it does not guarantee that you can get the food that you have been craving for in the restaurants inside the mall. Top EIGHT Food ...

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9 Cities in Cebu: its delicacies and where to eat


Cebu might look small on the map but it composes of 9 cities, 44 municipalities and has total population of over 2.6 million. Each of these cities and municipalities have their own delicacies and specialty restaurants. These are the nine cities in Cebu island, three of which are independent cities (Cebu City, Mandaue City and Lapu-lapu City): 1. Bogo City ...

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Brief History of Cebu


Cebu is the melting pot of the Philippines. In fact, it is called the Queen City of the South – also known as the Island of the Pacific. As beautiful as the beaches that surround the island, Cebu is one of the most diverse place in the country. Eating out is a lot of fun. Expect the unexpected, dare is ...

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